The Liar

A few months ago I met with a person while walking road side. He was good looking and nicely dressed. He was on his bike. Suddenly he stopped me and asked whether I have two minutes. I said fine tell me what you want, then he asked me whether I can help him I said fine what it is. He then said that he was going somewhere and he left his purse in home and his petrol got over. I felt he is lying, all the way he was talking but I didn’t say anything. Then he started to tell If I help him he will return back tomorrow. I thought maybe he is not lying even though my mind was telling he is lying, I gave him rs 100. He took my number and then left.

After one month I was with my friend, we were going roadside. We met with same person. Immediately I recognised him. He started talking same thing which we had earlier. Suddenly he recognised me. Before I could speak something he started his bike and left the place. I was wordless….


Laravel With WordPress

Working with laravel and wordpress is really easy. wordpress is used as backend for laravel. We can use corcel or any other related plugins to do crud. I was thinking if I can do opposite crud operation, I mean from wordpress if we can do crud using laravel database. I was new to this. I asked questions on laracasts and github to get suggestions. By simply using multiple database we can do it in wordpress or by using laravel api we can accomplish things. Thanks community